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2023 Remington Park

Quarter Horse/Mixed Breed Season March 10-June 4

Remington Park ZERO DATE will be March 2nd
In order to receive a zero date a current coggins MUST accompany the registration papers. Papers turned in without coggins will not receive a date and once coggins are turned in the date on those papers will be the date the coggins is submitted.
All horses must have a current negative Equine Infectious Anemia test, negative Piroplasmosis test and a current health certificate issued within 30 days prior to arrival at the track which shows they’ve been vaccinated with an FDA approved modified live or killed virus vaccine for EHV-1, not less than 14 days, and not more than 90 days, prior to the date of entry into the stable gate.
↠ Before turning in your papers, please make a copy (with tattoo if done) of registration papers for hair testing. You may turn those copies into OQHRA prior to scheduling and appointment!