Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Program One Of Industry's Best

StallionESearch - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—APRIL 6, 2016—In 2011 Remington Park and the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association combined forces to turn the Remington Park Futurity/Derby series into a state-bred race.

In just six short years the reality of that partnership has produced the most successful state-bred stakes series in the industry. In 2016 nearly $2 million dollars will be paid to breeders and owners who participate in this awesome program.


On Friday and Saturday, Remington Park has carded two-days of futurity trials (24 races) for the restricted Grade 2 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Futurity and an additional six trials on Sunday for the restricted Grade 3 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Derby.

"This is really a race program we are very proud to have sponsored by Remington Park," Debbie Schauf, Executive Director of OQHRA, said this week."

On Saturday, April 23 the five fastest two-year-olds from Friday and Saturday's trials will meet in the $888,000 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Futurity(RG2).

The 10 fastest 3-year-old qualifiers will face off in the $307,000 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Derby(RG3).

A bonus for the 2-year-olds who ran well, but did not make the futurity gate will have the opportunity to run in the $100,000-Guaranteed Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Juvenile Invitational (eligibility to the Juvenile is based on times run in trials).

A breakdown of the 2016 purse goes like this:
Total Purse for the Futurity is $888,000 which includes $70,000 from the Oklahoma Breeding Development Fund for purses
Total Purse for the Derby is $ 307,000 which includes $30,000 from the Oklahoma Breeding Development Fund for purses

In addition to the Oklahoma-Bred purse monies added to these races, there is also an additional $70,000 in the Futurity and $30,000 in the Derby that is paid out of the Oklahoma Breeding Development fund to the BREEDERS of the finalists. That makes the Futurity final worth a total of $ $958,000 and the Derby $337,000.

For both the Futurity and Derby trials purses total $15,000, which includes $5,000 Oklahoma-Bred money in addition to the customary $10,000 for trial purses from Remington Park.

With 24 futurity trials and six derby trials the total Oklahoma-Bred money to be paid to owners and breeders from the trial races totals $300,000 plus horsemen's purse funds of $300,000 for a total of $600,000 paid to horsemen who participate in the Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred trial races—making this one of the richest set of trials in Quarter Horse racing.

When you add the purse money and the breeders money for the futurity, derby, juvenile, and a total of 30 trials between the two races, the total amount of money paid to horsemen for the 2016 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred series is $ 1,995,000, just $5,000 short of $2 Million Dollars this year.

Quite an accomplishment!

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Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Futurity Race History
330 Yards • Remington Park, Oklahoma City, OK

2011 Mighty B Valiant :16.74 $780,000 You and Me Partners R Vargas GR Carter, Jr
2012 Lota Pyc :16.61 $720,000 Steve A Holt R Reed GR Carter, Jr
2013 Coronado Cartel :16.76 $720,000 Reliance Ranches, LLC E D Willis J D Brooks
2014 Im A Fancy Pyc :16.79 $791,000 Dustin Cox J Thomas R Wilson
2015 Regard With Respect :16.94 $827,000 Nancy Powel G Valdiva L Payne

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Derby Race History
400 Yards • Remington Park, Oklahoma City, OK

2011 Gold Granite Stone :19.83 $274,000 Joe A Hurdle M Hurdle B Ernst
2012 A Toss up :19.79 $246,000 James Sills/Abel Flores E D Willis J D Brooks
2013 Brace For Bernal :19.60 $253,00 Noel Lopez Prieto Luis Villafranco P Nieto
2014 This Candys Awesome :19.42 $298,000 Carl Pevehouse C Crawford GR Carter, Jr
2015 Ajs High :19.72 $306,000 Michael Teel C Hunt S Smith