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Remington Park will be requiring a clean hair test for every horse prior to entry just as they did in 2019. OQHRA will be conducting the hair testing. You can expect everything to be just as it was last year, with two major exceptions.

As many of you know, Remington Park had a challenging fall. On November 15th they had a Thoroughbred test positive for EHV-1. Since that time, they have and several more horses test positive. As of last week, they were able to release most horses from quarantine and move nearly all of the horses off the backside with the exception of a few that at this time are still under quarantine. The hope is that those horses will test negative this week and be released from quarantine, leaving the backside empty. Remington Park has said they will deeply wash and sanitize each and every barn along with the front side horse areas. OQHRA also encourages you to do your own sanitizing before moving horses into the barn area. We anticipate that we will have the same move in date that was originally scheduled, however, if that should change, we will send out notice.

  • THERE WILL BE NO OFFSITE TESTING. All horses must be presented at Remington Park in the OQHRA Hair Testing designated area to have a sample collected and sent for testing.
  • We will no longer accept pre-payments. There was a lot of confusion last year with owners sending in payments for horses long before they were scheduled. In an effort to streamline the process we will only accept payment at the time horses are scheduled for testing. If an owner would like to keep their credit card on file, that will be fine, we will charge credit cards the day before horses are scheduled to test (all credit cards will incur a 3.5% convenience fee). No horse will be tested without payment.
  • Hair Testing will begin on Monday February 3, 2020. Hours for testing will be 9:30 am – 2:00 pm Monday through Saturday (no testing on Sunday). Appointments are required and must be made by noon on the day prior. In the beginning, testing days may fill up and the next day may not be available. To make an appointment for hair testing please call or text the OQHRA Hair Testing Line (405) 640-2628.
  • The testing fee will be $250 per horse, per test. Each test is good for 45 days, any horse not drawing into a race within 45 days will be required to re-test. It takes 10-14 days to receive the results of a clean hair test, please schedule accordingly, you will not be able to enter until the test has been reported back to Remington Park. OQHRA DOES NOT GET THE RESULTS OF ANY TESTS. Once a horse runs in an OVERNIGHT race, the owner will receive a credit to their account in the amount of $250. This credit is only available one time, if the horse is required to test again, it will not be eligible for another credit.
  • If you have any questions regarding hair testing you may call the hair testing line (405) 640-2628 or Krissy Bamberg (405) 623-3234.
  • *PLEASE HAVE A COPY OF YOUR HORSES PAPERS (FRONT AND BACK) WITH YOU. Until later in the meet we can not count on the tattoos to be loaded in the system, therefore you will need copies of papers when you arrive with the horse or provide them at the time you schedule. If you do not have papers so that the horse can be positively identified you will be turned away.