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  • Board Of Directors Meeting February 18

Board Of Directors Meeting February 18

AGENDA • Tuesday, February 18, 2020

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Introduction(s) of Special Guest(s)

3. Accept Meeting Minutes

a. January 14, 2020 Board Meeting

4. Financials
a. Accept Current Financials
i. Operating
ii. PAC
iii. Benevolence
b. Report on status of OQHRA Administered Races

5. Review Retaining HSP&G for 2019 Audit

6. Review FMT and WRD Breed Promotion Contribution

7. Review FMT and WRD Chaplaincy Contribution

8. Report on Stallion Auction

9. Review Committee Assignments

10. Update on status of Futurity and Derby Programs

11. Report on Hair Testing Program Status

12. Legal Counsel Update

13. Remington Park Update
a. Current projections on Purse and OKB status for meet to date
b. Promotions update