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Will Rogers Downs in partnership with the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association have announced that a negative hair test will be required for all horses prior to entry during the 2021 Fall Meet. Much like the requirement at Remington Park in the spring, no horse will be allowed to enter a race at Will Rogers Downs unless results of a negative hair test has been provided to Will Rogers Downs prior to entry. All pre-entry hair testing will be facilitated by OQHRA.

This new House Rule has been implemented in an enhanced effort to maintain a race meeting of the highest quality and free of any practices which are corrupt, incompetent, or unprincipled; and to maintain the complete honesty and integrity of horse racing at Will Rogers Downs. The hair testing will provide additional safeguards for the welfare of the horses and riders from the potential risks resulting from use of prohibited drugs. It will also safeguard the wagering public by using the best efforts of the track and the horsemen to ensure that horses are competing free from performance-enhancing drugs.

A horse with a clean test free of prohibited or illegal drugs will be eligible to enter for up to 45 days. There will be no penalty for either horses or trainers whose horses do not produce a clean test; however, those horses will NOT be able to enter a race until such time as they do produce a clean test. OQHRA personnel will have no knowledge of test results. The racing office will not share test results for any reason; only the trainer who submitted the horse for testing will be notified if a test comes back positive.

Testing will begin August 18, 2021. Scheduling will be handled through the OQHRA Hair Testing Line (405) 881-5120. Each owner/trainer/authorized individual responsible for the horse must pay the testing fee of $200 prior to collection of the hair. Testing will be conducted on Tuesdays 10-1 and 3-5:30. Appointments are required and must be made no later than noon the day before.

Horses not entering within the 45 day period will be required to re-test at their owner’s expense in order to comply with the requirement that every horse provide a clean test report within 45 days of initial entry.

All Stake races including Overnight Stakes, Futurities and Derbies during the 2021 meet (for Quarter Horses, Paint and Appaloosa) are also subject to hair testing requirements. The conditions of each of those races require a negative hair test collected within 45 days of date of trails to be eligible to ENTER for said trails. This may result in horses being required to have additional hair tests if the hair testing described in #1 above was conducted more than 45 days prior to the running of the trials.

For more information on hair testing at Will Rogers Downs (405) 881-5120 or Email Krissy Bamberg

Additional detailed information regarding collection and testing can be found on the attached document.

Will Rogers Downs Hair Testing DOWNLOAD Document