February Nominations List to all OQHRA Races!

March 3, 2017 - This is the final payment for everything except the Black Gold Futurity!

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2017 Oklahoma Futurity and Derby Final Nominations List

March 1, 2017 - There is no entry payments for either race due. You must have a current OQHRA Membership ($25 annual/$200 lifetime) to be eligible to run, to check the status of your OQHRA membership call 405-216-0440.

You still have one last chance to nominate a horse to this race. The supplemental Nomination at time of entry is $7,500. You need to have the money in the Remington Park Horsemen's account prior to nomination.

• Oklahoma Futurity Trials March 11, Finals March 25 (Entry Date Wednesday, March 8)
• Oklahoma Derby Trials March 12, Finals March 25 (Entry Date Thursday, March 9)

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*This report is subject to final audit of accounts. Please contact us right away if you find any errors or have a discrepancy.

Black Gold Stallion Program

Black Gold February 2016 (click photo for PDF)Black Gold February 2016 (click photo for PDF)2-18-2016 One time fee makes your stallion eligible as long as he is producing offspring. $5000 for breeding stallions or $2500 for stallions just breeding for the first time. Two $30,000+ Futurities, 5% of all purses will be paid as stallion award!



Racetracks in Oklahoma

REMINGTON PARK - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WILL ROGERS DOWNS - Tulsa, Oklahoma




Proudly sponsors the OQHRA Oklahoma Futurity and Derby, the Sooner State’s oldest racing tradition! Both races will be run at Remington Park in Oklahoma City.
$10,000 Breeder Awards -$10,000 Nominator Awards -Trial Purses - $10,000 each.

2017 Board Meeting Schedule - Regular Scheduled Meetings are 11 AM at Heritage Place in Oklahoma City, OK.

March 28 - The March Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday, March 28 at Heritage Place and the meeting will begin at 11 AM.  We will begin with legislative update, and most likely will discuss the medication, regulation, as well as FMT stall applications and entry days on the front end of the meeting, then move into the regular business of the association including the budget approval for 2017 after those issues have been discussed.  If you are not an elected director and you would like to eat lunch you will need to let our office know that you are coming so we get an adequate count to order the food.  As always this meeting is OPEN to all OQHRA members and you are encouraged to attend.  If you have any questions please let me know. 

May 16
June 13
Special Horsemen's Meeting July 15 at Fair Meadows in Tulsa, Oklahoma (time to be announced)
August 15
October 17
November 14

2017 OQHRA Horse Racing Commission - Regular Scheduled Meetings are 9:30 AM at Department of Agriculture Building 

March 30
May 18
June 15
August 17
October 19
November 16

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